River Bend Automatic Pool Cover Project

Another beautiful in ground swimming pool with an automatic pool cover by The Pool Company Construction.  This pool was built off River Rd. in Fredericksburg VA.  Due to the extreme grade of the site this pool has an upper retaining wall and a reverse bond beam on the lower side of the pool.  A Reverse Bond Beam is holding the pool wall above the grade.  This allows us to install the pool patio on much less fill dirt.  This pool has an automatic pool cover which helps reduce evaporation, reduces the amount of chemicals needed and also helps retain the pool temperature reducing the cost to heat the pool.  The retaining wall and reverse bond beam is a natural ledge stone from the Stone Center of Fredericksburg.  The Stone Center also provided the beautiful walnut travertine pavers.  This pool equipment is energy star rated, a variable speed pump for the pool filtration, a heat pump to heat the pool water, and LED pool lights light up the pool at night.  This pool automation is controlled with the homeowners cell phone.  Anywhere in the world as long as he has cell service he can control his pool.  What is the benefit to having this automation.  The customer can turn on or off the pool heater and check the salt system.  So he can save while they are away and have the pool ready for when they return.  The interior of the swimming pool is Quartz Scapes Grenadine Grey and has a bench that runs the length of the pool.  No shortage of places to sit and enjoy the summer days.

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