Meg Godfrey Testimonial

We bought a 5 year-old house with one of the ugliest pools I've ever seen--goofy shape with lots of angles, stained concrete (the previous owners didn't have a pool cover), mismatched tile, loose grout in the coping stones, and tacky appliqués. There was also an octagonal raised hot tub with major leaks and an electrical hazard-a plug in an outside outlet with no GFI circuit. How it ever passed code inspection is beyond me. 

I talked to 4 local contractors before deciding to go with the Pool Company, and I'm so glad we selected them. Patrick did an excellent job handling what turned out to be a major renovation. They demolished the hot tub, changed the shape of the pool, fixed the lighting, and replaced the coping, tile, etc. He and his crew always showed up when they said they'd be there-the job was completed in under 3 weeks, start to finish, & Patrick came over to check on things even after they got it up and running. Our new pool is just what we hoped it would be. We will definitely deal with them in the future, should the need arise.

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Meg Godfrey

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