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Swimming Pool Inspections

Buying or Selling a Home?

Why Are Inground Swimming Pool Inspections Useful?

Buying a new home with an inground swimming pool? A swimming pool inspection can tell if that swimming pool is either be a great family retreat or an expensive anchor. Our inground swimming pool inspectors have built and repaired hundreds of swimming pools. We know what to look for. Home inspectors, while they know a lot of about homes, will benefit from hiring an experienced pool specialist to inspect this huge investment. 

We Inspect the Electrical System

Swimming Pool Inspections are right up our alley!  We inspect everything from electrical subpanel to the pool heater and pool pump. This includes electrical outlets and the electrical connections. We know the codes governing the electrical requirements for swimming pools. 

We Inspect the Pool Interior

We inspect the plaster surface of the pool's interior. The pool's plaster interior, if properly maintained, can last for 10 to 20 years. However, if not properly maintained, will last for much less. We can tell if the plaster surface needs immediate work or has many years of fun left in it. 

We Inspect the Pool Decking

The pool deck can provide poolside experience or can be a poor addition to an otherwise great backyard. We can tell you how well the deck has been maintained and if the materials used to build the deck are good quality. We are experienced in a vast array swimming pool decking materials and have applied many types. You can trust us to know what we are doing!

Pool Safety Inspections

There are many, many different codes and laws which govern the safety requirements for every pool - from residential backyard pools to commercial city pools. Safety is the most important consideration with any inground swimming pool. Please know we have your family's safety at heart. We will do everything we can to assure the safety of your family. Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to inspect the swimming pool environment and give you an accurate, unbiased assessment of it.