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Swimming Pool Renovations

Renew your old swimming pool today!

Our swimming pool renovations have transformed dated backyards into dream yards. Does your swimming pool need a new look? Turn what was once nice pool into your backyard oasis! Remodels can range from the simple, such as updating tile or resurfacing the pool, to the elaborate, such as reshaping the pool, adding a spa, or custom water features.

The Pool Company's swimming pool renovations team can make a dramatic difference in the look of any back yard pool. We are the best choice for outdoor pool remodeling company in Fredericksburg, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville or Richmond. Never before has there been so many options to improve the look and efficiency of your existing swimming pool. In the last 10 years alone, advances in swimming pool technology have made swimming pool ownership more enjoyable, less expensive and easier than ever.

Swimming pool renovations example

What Swimming Pool Renovations Do We Provide?

We pride ourselves on superior workmanship, excellent customer service, and an endless commitment to detail. Our mission is to provide the best swimming pool renovations in Virginia. We are not satisfied until we do. To accomplish this mission we base our company on the following principles:

Pool Replastering:  

Swimming pool replastering can add years to your pool. There’s more to a great pool finish than meets the eye. A great pool plaster finish is durable, comfortable, easily maintained and enhances your pool experience. Diamond Brite from SGM is all that and more. Our pool plaster experts have extensive experience in pool plaster. The result is a unique finish that stands up to the harshest pool environments while providing years of enjoyment. We use Diamond Brite, QuartzScapes and River Rok plaster materials. 

Pool Deck Coating:

A well-applied pool deck coating can do so many things to improve your swimming pool investment! First, it extends the life of your deck for years to come. Second, a new pool deck coating can change the look of your pool since you can choose from a variety of colors. Finally, it can cool your deck to make it comfortable to walk on even on the hottest, sunniest days. Remember, a good pool deck coating is not paint. It's a polymer protective material meant to keep your deck in good shape for many years.

New Pool Tile:

A great pool tile design can give your swimming pool that great look you've been looking for. It can make your pool unique and wow your friends and family. Every tile we use is of the highest quality and made from high-fired porcelain. Don't go with anything else. Poor quality titles can absorb water and easily stain.

Pool Coping:

Pool coping is the cap edge of the pool. Done correctly, pool coping keeps the pool deck around the pool dry. It also provides a great way to hold onto the edge of the pool. It also keeps water from getting behind the pool shell and cause pool damage. Finally, it provides a great overall look for the swimming pool.

Pool Equipment Upgrades:

We can provide a wide variety of swimming pool equipment upgrades. Our extensive pool building experience has taught us what pool equipment is useful and what is not. It has also taught us which brands are high quality and which are unreliable. We only use the highest quality equipment. We do this because poor quality equipment - although not manufactured by us - reflects poorly on us when it breaks. That's why we use only the best.

Full Remodeling Service:

We are Virginia's swimming pool full remodeling and swimming pool renovations services company. The Pool Company Construction Company can turn your old, outdated, useless swimming pool into the pool of your dreams. It's cheaper than you think and much easier than replacing your swimming pool. Call us today to see how we can do that for you.

We Can Design Anything

Give your old swimming pool a brand new look, and make it better than new. One of our swimming pool renovation specialists can take a look at your backyard, and create a one of kind design that can turn your pool into the stunning new showcase you’ve dreamed about.