Classic Swimming Pool with Old World Feel

Classic rectangle swimming pool and detached spa with an automatic pool cover built in the backyard of Chantilly Virginia. Chantilly is in Loudoun County VA.  The automatic cover adds a level of safety for the younger members of the family, helps retain warm water, and helps Dad by keeping the pool clean from debris.  The automatic pool cover also meets and exceeds ASTM standards, which now means you can use the automatic pool cover in place of a pool fence.  

The Spa is raised 18" and is detached from the swimming pool. The water falls over a spillway into a mini catch pool and is delivered to the pool via static plumbing lines. This acts as a equalizing line and helps filter the spa water. The stone veneer ties in to the stone on the opposing side of the pool. 
The pavers are concrete based and infused with air keeping them cool to the touch especially during those hot summer days.

Homeowner being an avid golfer added a putting green so he can keep is golf game sharp while keeping an eye on the kids swimming in the pool and spa.

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