Backyard Resort Swimming Pool

An oversized sun shelf was offset on this rectangular swimming pool with three umbrella sleeves installed in the shelf. With twelve inches of water, it's the perfect height to put lounge chairs in the pool and enjoy a good book or beverage. Having the ability to also put in umbrellas it's a great space to grab some shade. The plaster finish is quartz, Aegean Green. The coping used is Travertine and is sealed with a salt water sealer and enhancer which really brings out the character in the stone. 

Revolutionary Gardens installed an awesome outdoor pavilion covering a kitchen, BBQ grill, and fireplace. The pavilion is dressed with stone face and has a travertine floor.

Oversized sun shelf with three umbrellas offer a great space inside the pool to grab some shade while watching the children play in the pool.

An eighteen inch tall stone retaining wall pulls double duty around this pool. It not only holds back the earth but offers the perfect height for seating.

An outdoor kitchen installed by Revolutionary Gardens is fully equipped with a sink, refrigerator, BBQ grill, and enough room for a dinning table a lounge chairs. On the other side an outdoor fireplace was installed. Plenty of seating around this area to roast marshmallow on those cool summer nights.

VA Fence installed an black aluminum fence that meets all county codes. This style of fence almost disappears once all the landscaping reaches maturity.

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