Scordellis Swimming Pool

Custom swimming pool built in Fredericksburg VA.  First visit with the homeowner we needed to figure out how to deal with over a 5' difference in grade.  The other thing that we needed to consider was the homeowner's shed.  They needed to be able to have access to the shed so we couldn't build up the grade to prevent them from removing their lawnmower.  We installed a 2' tall retaining wall with stone veneer.  The other thing we did was to use the pool.  We call it a reverse bond beam.  This also has stone veneer.  Using a reverse bond beam enable us to keep the grade down near the shed.  The pool also has an 18" deep sun shelf.  Perfect place to have just enough water to sit and enjoy the water and have a beverage.  Deck dividers were installed in the pool patio to break up the blandness of the broom finish concrete.  The deck dividers dress up the patio and give it an expensive look.