Thorny Point Infinity Swimming Pool Project

A beautiful infinity edge swimming pool and spa built in Stafford County.  Due to the restrictions to the water we constructed the pool between the home and the newly renovated pool house.  Between the two structures there was a 3' difference in grade.  How do we address making the pool level and make it work in the confined space.  The Pool Company Construction designed not only a solution but gave them a water feature like no other.  Most of the time an infinity pool is on a sloop of the yard and the cascading water is never taken advantage of.  The owner now walks out of their home and f

Classic Swimming Pool with Old World Feel

Classic rectangle swimming pool and detached spa with an automatic pool cover built in the backyard of Chantilly Virginia. Chantilly is in Loudoun County VA.  The automatic cover adds a level of safety for the younger members of the family, helps retain warm water, and helps Dad by keeping the pool clean from debris.  The automatic pool cover also meets and exceeds ASTM standards, which now means you can use the automatic pool cover in place of a pool fence.  

Pine Knoll Swimming Pool

A beautiful classic rectangle swimming pool built in Stafford County VA.  The customer chose a classic rectangular shape which enable them to have an automatic pool cover.  The benefits with an automatic pool cover are the following; its rated as a safety cover, retains pool heat, reduces evaporation, which reduces the amount of chemicals needed, and finally helps keep the pool clean from wind blown debris.  A huge sun shelf 10" of water gives a great place to put a chair in the pool so you can sit and read a book.  A 12" raised bond beam was installed with two sheer descent water features.

Federal Hill Pool Project

A swimming pool and spa combination was built in the backyard in downtown Fredericksburg VA. This pool offers a negative edge or infinity edge and an automatic pool cover. An infinity edge pool has one section of the pool without pool coping.  The water is allowed to flow over the weir wall into a catch pool.  The pool cover has a hidden leading edge and tucks neatly under the pool coping to offer a clean look when not in use. The pavers pool patio around the pool is Sacobos. The spa is raised 18" above the pool which is ideal for additional seating.

Granite Springs Automatic Pool Cover Project

A beautiful in ground Gunite swimming pool with an automatic pool cover.  This swimming pool was built in the backyard of a grand old farm style home.  The classic reticular shape complimented the older farm style home and added a great backyard living space.  The swimming pool is outfitted with an automatic pool cover.  This cover not only adds a safety feature, it also reduces chemical usage and increases the heat retention.  The pool patio is a gorgeous antique beige travertine paver set on concrete base.  Travertine not only looks beautiful, it also tends to be 5 degrees lower in temper

Stonehenge Swimming Pool

A beautiful rectangular swimming pool built in the backyard in Chantilly VA, which is in Loudoun County VA.  A natural swimming pool built into the side of a hill near a stone quarry. Two, 2' foot retaining walls were built to address the steep backyard. An automatic pool cover with a hidden leading bar was installed. An outdoor wood burning fireplace was built that anchors the project. An outdoor living space has been created.

Aegean Green Quartz Plaster was used to with an unique tanning shelf that double as the steps into the pool.

Backyard Resort Swimming Pool

An oversized sun shelf was offset on this rectangular swimming pool with three umbrella sleeves installed in the shelf. With twelve inches of water, it's the perfect height to put lounge chairs in the pool and enjoy a good book or beverage. Having the ability to also put in umbrellas it's a great space to grab some shade. The plaster finish is quartz, Aegean Green. The coping used is Travertine and is sealed with a salt water sealer and enhancer which really brings out the character in the stone.